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tzdata - Timezone data

License: Public Domain
Vendor: Scientific Linux
This package contains data files with rules for various timezones around
the world.


tzdata-2022a-1.el7.noarch [483 KiB] Changelog by Patsy Griffin (2022-03-16):
- Rebase to tzdata-2022a
  - Palestine springs forward on 2022-03-27, not -03-26.
  - zdump -v now outputs better failure information
  - fixes for code that reads corrupted TZif data
tzdata-2021e-1.el7.noarch [483 KiB] Changelog by Patsy Griffin (2021-10-22):
- Rebase to tzdata-2021e - supersedes tzdata-2021d
  - Pacific/Fiji suspended DST for the 2021/2022 season.
  - 'zic -r' now marks unspecified timestamps with "-00".
  - Palestine will fall back 2021-10-29 at 01:00, rather
    than the predicted 2021-10-30.
tzdata-2021c-1.el7.noarch [483 KiB] Changelog by Patsy Griffin (2021-10-04):
- Rebase to tzdata-2021c
  - Revert most of 2021b changes to 'backward'.
  - Fix 'zic -b fat' bug in pre-1970 32-bit data.
  - Fix two Link line typos.
  - Distribute SECURITY file.
tzdata-2021a-1.el7.noarch [482 KiB] Changelog by Patsy Griffin (2021-01-24):
- Rebase to tzdata-2021a
  - South Sudan will change from +03 to +02 on 2021-02-01.
tzdata-2020f-1.el7.noarch [482 KiB] Changelog by Patsy Griffin (2020-12-29):
- Rebase to tzdata-2020f including changes for tzdata-2020e
  - tzdata-2020f fixes a bug in tzdata-2020e that caused an
    invalid zi file in rearguard format
  - Volgograd changes time zone from UTC+04 to UTC+03 on 2020-12-27.
  - Australia/Currie is identical to Australia/Hobart for all
    timestamps since 1970 and was therefore created by mistake,
    now moved to the "backward" file.
tzdata-2020d-2.el7.noarch [481 KiB] Changelog by Patsy Griffin (2020-10-21):
- Update release and rebuild.
tzdata-2020b-3.el7.noarch [477 KiB] Changelog by Patsy Griffin (2020-10-13):
- Include the upstream patch to support pacificnew for java tzupdater.
- Set POSIXRULES macro to continue installing posixrules file.

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