open-vm-tools-test - Test utilities for Open Virtual Machine Tools

License: GPLv2
Vendor: Scientific Linux
This package contains only the test utilities for open-vm-tools that are
useful for verifying the functioning of open-vm-tools in VMware virtual


open-vm-tools-test-11.0.5-3.el7_9.9.x86_64 [27 KiB] Changelog by Miroslav Rezanina (2023-11-02):
- ovt-Don-t-accept-tokens-with-unrelated-certs.patch [RHEL-14642]
- ovt-File-descriptor-vulnerability-in-the-open-vm-tools-v.patch [RHEL-14676]
- Resolves: RHEL-14642
  (CVE-2023-34058 open-vm-tools: SAML token signature bypass [rhel-7.9.z])
- Resolves: RHEL-14676
  (CVE-2023-34059 open-vm-tools: file descriptor hijack vulnerability in the vmware-user-suid-wrapper [rhel-7.9.z])
open-vm-tools-test-11.0.5-3.el7_9.7.x86_64 [26 KiB] Changelog by Miroslav Rezanina (2023-09-07):
- ovt-VGAuth-Allow-only-X509-certs-to-verify-the-SAML-toke.patch [RHEL-2413]
- Resolves: RHEL-2413
  (CVE-2023-20900 open-vm-tools: SAML token signature bypass [rhel-7.9.z])
open-vm-tools-test-11.0.5-3.el7_9.6.x86_64 [26 KiB] Changelog by Jon Maloy (2023-06-26):
- ovt-Remove-some-dead-code.patch [bz#2215562]
- Resolves: bz#2215562
  ([CISA Major Incident] CVE-2023-20867 open-vm-tools: authentication bypass vulnerability in the vgauth module [rhel-7])
open-vm-tools-test-11.0.5-3.el7_9.4.x86_64 [25 KiB] Changelog by Jon Maloy (2022-09-02):
- ovt-Properly-check-authorization-on-incoming-guestOps-re.patch [bz#2119310]
- Resolves: bz#2119310
  (CVE-2022-31676 open-vm-tools: local root privilege escalation in the virtual machine [rhel-7.9.z])

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