bind-pkcs11 - Bind with native PKCS#11 functionality for crypto

Website: http://www.isc.org/products/BIND/
License: MPLv2.0
Vendor: Scientific Linux
This is a version of BIND server built with native PKCS#11 functionality.
It is important to have SoftHSM v2+ installed and some token initialized.
For other supported HSM modules please check the BIND documentation.
This version of BIND binary is supported only in setup with the IPA server.


bind-pkcs11-9.11.4-26.P2.el7_9.14.x86_64 [346 KiB] Changelog by Stepan Broz (2023-07-03):
- Prevent the cache going over the configured limit (CVE-2023-2828)
bind-pkcs11-9.11.4-26.P2.el7_9.13.x86_64 [345 KiB] Changelog by Petr Menšík (2022-12-14):
- Tighten cache protection against record from forwarders (CVE-2021-25220)
bind-pkcs11-9.11.4-26.P2.el7_9.10.x86_64 [345 KiB] Changelog by Petr Menšík (2022-09-22):
- Fix memory leak in ECDSA verify processing (CVE-2022-38177)
- Fix memory leak in EdDSA verify processing (CVE-2022-38178)
bind-pkcs11-9.11.4-26.P2.el7_9.7.x86_64 [344 KiB] Changelog by Petr Menšík (2021-07-13):
- Apply again patch 172, got removed by mistake
bind-pkcs11-9.11.4-26.P2.el7_9.5.x86_64 [345 KiB] Changelog by Petr Menšík (2021-04-27):
- Possible assertion failure on DNAME processing (CVE-2021-25215)
bind-pkcs11-9.11.4-26.P2.el7_9.4.x86_64 [345 KiB] Changelog by Petr Menšík (2021-02-15):
- Fix off-by-one bug in ISC SPNEGO implementation (CVE-2020-8625)
bind-pkcs11-9.11.4-26.P2.el7_9.2.x86_64 [344 KiB] Changelog by Tomas Korbar (2020-10-02):
- Fix unsupported algorithms validation (#rh1769876)

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