libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-rbd - Storage driver plugin for rbd

Website: https://libvirt.org/
License: LGPLv2+
Vendor: Scientific Linux
The storage driver backend adding implementation of the storage APIs for rbd
volumes using the ceph protocol.


libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-rbd-4.5.0-36.el7_9.5.x86_64 [234 KiB] Changelog by Jiri Denemark (2021-03-19):
- RHEL: virdevmapper: Don't leak DIR on OOM in virDMSanitizepath() (rhbz#1933557)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-rbd-4.5.0-36.el7_9.2.x86_64 [233 KiB] Changelog by Jiri Denemark (2020-07-22):
- Rebuild to correct invalid dist tag

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