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NetworkManager-config-server - NetworkManager config file for "server-like" defaults

License: GPLv2+
Vendor: Scientific Linux
This adds a NetworkManager configuration file to make it behave more
like the old "network" service. In particular, it stops NetworkManager
from automatically running DHCP on unconfigured ethernet devices, and
allows connections with static IP addresses to be brought up even on
ethernet devices with no carrier.

This package is intended to be installed by default for server


NetworkManager-config-server-1.18.8-2.el7_9.noarch [150 KiB] Changelog by Thomas Haller (2020-09-30):
- Backport OVS related fixes (rh #1871935)
- ovs: support changing the MTU of ovs interfaces (rh #1820052)
- ovs: fix race condition in setting MAC address (rh #1852106)

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