# Apache IoTDB 1.3.1 ## Features & Improvements - Add cluster script for one-click start-stop (start-all/stop-all.sh & start-all/stop-all.bat) - Add script for one-click instance information collection (collect-info.sh & collect-info.bat) - Add new statistical aggregators include stddev and variance - Add repair tsfile data command - Support setting timeout threshold for Fill clause. When time beyond the threshold, do not fill value. - Simplify the time range specification for data synchronization, directly set start and end times - Improved system observability (adding dispersion monitoring of cluster nodes, observability of distributed task scheduling framework) - Optimized default log output strategy - Enhance memory control for Load TsFile, covering the entire process - Rest API (Version 2) adds column type return. - Improve the process of query execution - Session automatically fetch all available DataNodes ... Bugs - Fix issue with abnormal behavior when time precision is not in milliseconds during grouping by month. - Fix issue with abnormal behavior when duration contains multiple units during grouping by month. - Fix bug where limit and offset cannot be pushed down when there is an order by clause. - Fix abnormal behavior in combination scenario of grouping by month + align by device + limit. - Fix deserialization errors during IoT protocol synchronization. - Fix concurrent exceptions in deleting timeseries. - Fix issue where group by level in view sequences does not execute correctly. - Fix potential issue of metadata creation failure when increasing election timeout. # Apache IoTDB 1.1.0 ## New Features * [IOTDB-4572] support order by time in align by device * [IOTDB-4816] Support Show Queries command * [IOTDB-4817] Support kill query command * [IOTDB-5077] Support new command formats in SHOW REGIONS * [IOTDB-5108] Support region migration * [IOTDB-5202] Support show regions with specific database * [IOTDB-5282] Add SQL show variables, which can display the current cluster variables * [IOTDB-5341] Support GROUP BY VARIATION in aggregation query * [IOTDB-5372] Support data type cast in SELECT INTO * [IOTDB-5382] Support DIFF as built-in scalar function in IoTDB * [IOTDB-5393] Show Region creation time when execute show regions * [IOTDB-5456] Implement COUNT_IF built-in aggregation function * [IOTDB-5515] Support GROUP BY CONDITION in aggregation query * [IOTDB-5555] Enable modify dn_rpc_port and dn_rpc_address in datanode-engine.properties * Support docker deployment * Rename SeriesSlotId to SeriesSlotNum in show regions ## Improvements * [IOTDB-4497] Improve NodeStatus definition * [IOTDB-5066] Upgraded the GetSlots SQLs * [IOTDB-5161] Add output type check for WHERE & HAVING clause and refuse expressions whose return type are not boolean exist in WHERE & HAVING clause * [IOTDB-5185] Fixed that old snapshot is not deleted in IoTConsensus * [IOTDB-5287] Added status “Discouraged” to RegionGroup * [IOTDB-5449] Wait for query resource while the query queue is full instead of throwing exception directly * change STARTUP_RETRY_INTERVAL_IN_MS from 30s to 3s ## Bug Fixes * [IOTDB-4684] Fix devices with the same name but different alignment properties are compacted into the wrong alignment property * [IOTDB-5061] Add initialize state check when create snapshot * [IOTDB-5090] Fix the NPE when executing stop-datanode.sh * [IOTDB-5112] Fixed IoTConsensus synchronization stuck under low load or during restart * [IOTDB-5126] Fix that show-regions show IP rather than hostname even though the hostname is used when registering * [IOTDB-5165] Fix fail to pass compaction validation when resources degrade to FileTimeIndex * [IOTDB-5170] Fix the problem that datanode is closed when executing stop-confignode.bat on Windows platform * [IOTDB-5199] Fix NPE in StorageExector inLoading process * [IOTDB-5216] Fix order by timeseries doesn't take effect in aligned last query * [IOTDB-5228] NPE if the file does not exist while creating TsFileSequenceReader instance * [IOTDB-5240] Fix schema template timeseries read/write error after restart * [IOTDB-5245] Fix data is incomplete in last query * [IOTDB-5277] Fix DataNode restart failure when SchemaRegion loading snapshot * [IOTDB-5278] Fix JDBC Driver cannot connect to the dbeaver * [IOTDB-5285] Fix TimePartition error when restarting with different time partition configuration * [IOTDB-5269] Fix wrong data of devices ought to be deleted after executing `delete from` sql * [IOTDB-5324] Fix wal cann't be deleted in destDataNode after region migration when data_replication_factor is 1 in IoTConsensus * [IOTDB-5389] Cause DataNode startup to fail when wal_mode is disabled in IoTConsensus * [IOTDB-5414] Fix timeseries with alias deleted success but can still be queried by alias * [IOTDB-5426] Cannot trigger flush for sequence file when timed flush enabled * [IOTDB-5441] Fix NPE while fetch schema that is not in template used by related device * [IOTDB-5469] Fix get schema info failure after creating template with backquote characters successfully * [IOTDB-5474] Fix count nodes using level bug * [IOTDB-5480] IoTConsensus sync lag may be negative under single copy * [IOTDB-5488] Support set system to readonly on local * [IOTDB-5492] Skip broken tsfile when recovering system * [IOTDB-5512] Fixed IoTConsensus may repeatedly send some log when restarting * [IOTDB-5516] Fix creating timeseries failure after dropping all databases * [IOTDB-5526] Fix deleting timeseries failure when it belongs to a device activating template * [IOTDB-5548] Fix dropping template failure when using pure number as template name * [IOTDB-5592] Fix unexpected error while using full path(starting with root) in having/where clause * [IOTDB-5620] Fix flush stuck when there is a lot of time partitions in each DataRegion * [IOTDB-5639] Fix file not found exception in cross space compaction selector * [IOTDB-5657] Fix LIMIT&OFFSET does not take effect in last query * [IOTDB-5684] Fix log folder generation when using ConfigNode's Simple consensus protocol * [IOTDB-5685] Fix error msg of failing to create a timeseries on an existing path when ReadOnly state * [IOTDB-5686] Fix devices with the same name but different alignment properties meets error in inner seq compaction * [IOTDB-5700] Clean temporary files created by UDF query after it finishes * Add SHOW_CQ privilege # Apache IoTDB 1.0.0 ## New Features * New architecture that supports standalone and cluster mode with two types of nodes: ConfigNode, DataNode * Support ConfigNode management: Start/Add, Stop, Remove * Support DataNode management: Start/Add, Stop, Remove * Support replication of ConfigNode, Schema and Data * Support Consensus Protocol: Simple, IoT, Ratis * Support Cluster management sql: show cluster, show regions * Support administration in Cluster: User, Permission, Role management * Support authorization when login and executing a command * Support create/show/count/delete database * Support show/count devices * Support create/show/count timeseries * Support schema template management * Support MPP(massively parallel process) framework in cluster * Support insertion, deletion and all query types in Cluster * Support CSV import/export tools * Support TsFile import/export tools * Support Sync TsFile from an IoTDB with one replica to another with any replica number * Support UDF framework in Cluster * Support new UDF 'change_points * Support stateful, stateless Trigger in Cluster * Support Select into in Cluster * Support Continuous Query in Cluster * Support flush on local/cluster * Support clear cache on local/cluster * Support metric for DataNode and ConfigNode with output to IoTDB, Prometheus, and JMX * Support DBAPI in python client * Support RestApi, MQTT for cluster * Support having clause and between expression in query * Support order by timeseries in last query * Support hot configuration of data_dirs # Apache IoTDB 0.13.3 ## Improvements * [IOTDB-4525] Accelerate restart process * [IOTDB-3164] Add compaction memory control * [IOTDB-4364] Reduce read amplification in compaction * [IOTDB-4424] Specify error message when time value of insert sql can not be correctly parsed * [IOTDB-4492] Control total file size of cross space compaction task * [IOTDB-4542] Optimize schema validate error message * Optimize pattern matching in Regexp ## Bug Fixes * [IOTDB-3988] Fix reload problem of metric module and refactor metric module * [IOTDB-4239] fix NPE to insert a null value into a TEXT timeseries * [IOTDB-4318] Fix RESTAPI data type conversion failed * [IOTDB-4320] Fix insert row with null cause recover throw NPE * [IOTDB-4343] Fix NPE when using MQTT protocol * [IOTDB-4357] fix start in windows, IOTDB_LOG_DIR_IS_UNDEFINED folder appears * [IOTDB-4585] Incorrect query result after deleting data for aligned timeseries * [IOTDB-4615] TTL adapts timestamp precision * [IOTDB-4636] IndexOutOfBoundsException when compacting aligned series * Fix PathAlreadyExistException during concurrent auto creating aligned timeseries # Apache IoTDB 0.13.2 ## Improvements [IOTDB-2669] Improve C++ client insertTablet performance [IOTDB-3087] enlarge default value of avg_series_point_number_threshold [IOTDB-3861] Enable insert null values in Session [IOTDB-3996] REST API nonQuery support Continuous Query [IOTDB-4120] Optimize memory allocation of Expression [IOTDB-4190] update documents about nifi-iotdb-bundle REST support "select into" in nonQuery API Import-CSV supports specify data type and no need quotation for text value ## Bug Fixes [IOTDB-2736] DELETE_STORAGE_GROUP can not be granted to user (reporting 401) [IOTDB-2760] Ordinary users do not grant any permissions, but can still show operations [IOTDB-2769] Fix auth mapping of GRANT_ROLE_PRIVILEGE and GRANT_USER_ROLE [IOTDB-3302] Without any authorization, ordinary users still have the right to query other user information [IOTDB-4023] The C++ interface query result returns records error [IOTDB-4047] Query NPE after change device alignment [IOTDB-4096] Fix the names of metric pushed to Prometheus are inconsistency in micrometer and dropwizard [IOTDB-4194] IOException happened in Compaction [IOTDB-4215] Fix incorrect aggregate query results due to wrong unseq file traversal order [IOTDB-4216] Fix execute create aligned timeseries but a non-aligned timeseries created [IOTDB-4222] DeadLock when concurrently deleting and creating storage groups [ISSUE-6774] Connection error when using DataGrip with JDBC driver [ISSUE-6937] After restart, the aligned series turns to non-aligned [ISSUE-6987] Fix select error when selecting a single quotation mark # Apache IoTDB 0.13.1 ## New Features * [IOTDB-2602] "Without null" supports filtering based on partial columns * [IOTDB-3873] Aligned timeseries support single point fill query * [ISSUE-6171] Support createTimeseriesOfTemplate in Session * [IOTDB-3742] Support COUNT NODES by root.** ## Improvements * [IOTDB-2820] Update UserGuide SQL about Trigger * [IOTDB-2837] Add check and sort for NumpyTablet to make sure timestamps are ordered * [IOTDB-2838] Check and auto correct endian type for NumpyTablet * [IOTDB-2873] provide json template for grafana * [IOTDB-2888] Unary expression can followed by a constant * [IOTDB-3747] Default Paging of Schema Query with limit 10000 * [IOTDB-3797] Print detailed info in session when connection fails * [IOTDB-3851] C++ client method of tablet sorting optimization * [IOTDB-3879] Modify document about the Programming-Cpp-Native-API * [IOTDB-3901] C++ client method of insertRecordsOfOneDevice sorting optimization ## Bug Fixes * [IOTDB-2753] Insert a time series with a null value and report 500 * [IOTDB-2759] Result of "Show paths set schema template" or "using template" is not complete * [IOTDB-2775] Fix throwing exception when query non-exist device in TsFileSequenceReader * [IOTDB-2787] Fix aligned mem chunk concurrent problem * [IOTDB-2826] Fix can not drop schema template * [IOTDB-2828] Update system_version in system.properties after upgrading * [IOTDB-2835] Fix empty page in selfcheck method of TsFileSequenceReader * [IOTDB-2837] Add check and sort for NumpyTablet to make sure timestamps are ordered * [IOTDB-2852] The import-csv tool can not import the data to nonaligned device * [IOTDB-2859] Fix python tablet with None value is incorrect * [IOTDB-2862] Fix SQL injection risks of grafana-connector * [IOTDB-2864] Fix Read-only occurred when insert Text value to aligned timeseries * [IOTDB-2882] Fix unary expression display bug * [IOTDB-2902] Handling user privileges for aligned timeseries related features * [IOTDB-2903] Fix show latest timeseries result does not sorted by time * [IOTDB-2910] Fix count result not right after deleting storage group * [IOTDB-2915] MLogTxtWriter error while parsing CreateAlignedTimeseriesPlan * [IOTDB-2922] Fix NPE when compacting with files that contains zero device * [IOTDB-2924] UDF Framework: index overflow while iterating sliding windows * [IOTDB-2983] Serialization error in Partial insert * [IOTDB-2999] Remove useless config and fix default value error. * [IOTDB-3018] Fix compaction bugs on handling deleted target file * [IOTDB-3029] The prefix path generated by the select into target sequence contains * and ** currently unchecked * [IOTDB-3045] The query result contains some timeseries that have been deleted * [IOTDB-3120] Print the tsfile name when meet IOException * [IOTDB-3158] Fix NPE exception when use iotdb-reporter * [IOTDB-3160] TsFile will be corrupted when flushing memtable appears OOM * [IOTDB-3168] Forbid the path with * could be inserted * [IOTDB-3171] Fix NPE when getting modification file * [IOTDB-3219] Fix stop-server on windows * [IOTDB-3247] Recover aligned sensors after deleting timeseries, query lost data * [IOTDB-3301] Tag recover bug after IoTDB server restart * [IOTDB-3364] Fix Query stucked with null valued aligned timeseries bug * [IOTDB-3420] Fix show paths set schema template t1 error * [IOTDB-3494] Fix TypeError in py-session * [IOTDB-3523] Fix the count and COUNT not equal bug when querying with group by level * [IOTDB-3645] Fix use statistics bug in aggregation query * [IOTDB-3651] Stop compaction schedule when all compaction is disable * [IOTDB-3709] Fix a loop occurred in TsFileResourceList, causing the query to fail and oom occurs * [IOTDB-3730] Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBounds when flushing a memtable * [IOTDB-3795] Remove setting read-only when handling compaction exception * [IOTDB-3803] failed to insert data of TEXT by session * [IOTDB-3816] Fix /zero bug in recover * [IOTDB-3822] Fix cross compaction overlap bug * [IOTDB-3826] Fix duplicate success when concurrent creating same timeseries * [IOTDB-3858] IndexOutOfBoundsException: bitIndex < 0 * [ISSUE-5482] Fix Release zip files include incorrect version of Guava * [ISSUE-5773] Aggregation result is not complete * [ISSUE-5964] Fix bug of aligned timeseries time duplicated aggregation # Apache IoTDB 0.13.0 ## New Features * [IOTDB-924] Support insert multi rows in SQL * [IOTDB-959] Add Create Storage Group Grammar * [IOTDB-1037] set rpc\_compression as a parameter in JDBC URL * [IOTDB-1059] Support sql statement insert without timestamp * [IOTDB-1143] Support Continuous query * [IOTDB-1199] Support aligned timeseries and schema template * [IOTDB-1319] Support Trigger * [IOTDB-1391] Add a new Aggregation function extreme (max absolute value) * [IOTDB-1399] Add a session interface to connect multiple nodes * [IOTDB-1400] Support arithmetic operations in SELECT clauses * [IOTDB-1403] Dictionary encoding for TEXT * [IOTDB-1490] Add built-in UDTFs: sinh, conh, tanh * [IOTDB-1514] Support null in insertTablet * [IOTDB-1524] Support SELECT ... INTO ... clause * [IOTDB-1647] Nested Expressions in SELECT clauses * [IOTDB-1673] CLI upgrade to JLine3 * [IOTDB-1739] Constant timeseries generating functions (const, pi and e) * [IOTDB-1760] Support avg, count, extreme, first\_value, last\_value, max\_time, max\_value, min\_time, min\_value, sum aggregations in group by fill * [IOTDB-1761] Add metric framework for IoTDB * [IOTDB-1775] Add CAST function to convert data type * [IOTDB-1823] Support group by multi level * [IOTDB-1844] Query support timeseries prefix and suffix matching: root.\*sg\* * [IOTDB-1859] Support REST API * [IOTDB-1860] New Grafana plugin * [IOTDB-1886] Support Constant Expressions in Select Clauses * [IOTDB-1973] Supports aggregate queries, constants, and arithmetic nested expressions in SELECT clauses * [IOTDB-1986] Support select UDF as alisa clauses * [IOTDB-1989] Spark-IoTDB-connector support inserting data * [IOTDB-2131] Support previous, linear, constant value fill funtion New fill * [ISSUE-3811] Provide a data type column for the last query dataset * add rabbitmq example ## Improvements * [IOTDB-1280] Rewrite the Antlr grammar file * [IOTDB-1372] Enhance management of TsFileResource * [IOTDB-1428] Ask query threads to quit if query is timeout * [IOTDB-1450] Deletion should only delete related time partitions * [IOTDB-1463] Implement builder pattern for Session and SessionPool * [IOTDB-1477] Optimize code logic of generateAlignByDevicePlan() * [IOTDB-1559] Refactor the IT framework * [IOTDB-1564] Make hearbeat and election timeout parameters be configurable * [IOTDB-1581] Consider deletions when recovering tsFileResource of incomplete tsfile * [IOTDB-1607] Optimize Tracing * [IOTDB-1613] Recover mods file if write modification failed * [IOTDB-1639] Refactoring the cluster class structure to make it consistent with the server module * [IOTDB-1730] client-cpp, enhance session::insertTablet() etc.'s performance * [IOTDB-1852] Accelerate queryies by using statistics * [IOTDB-1857] Remove useless handle logic for CountPlan in executeNonQuery in cluster module * [IOTDB-1884] Distinguish between zero and null values in sum aggregation * [IOTDB-1924] Remove the operation of clearing the cache after the compaction is over * [IOTDB-1950] Add Bloom Filter cache for query * [IOTDB-2001] Remove redundant StorageGroupNotReadyException * [IOTDB-2011] Update last cache while doing show latest timeseries query * [IOTDB-2022] SessionDataSet implements AutoCloseable * [IOTDB-2075] Accelerate the process of insertTablets by using thread pool * [IOTDB-2119] IoTDB CSV export tools add timestamp accuracy setting function * [IOTDB-2162] Simplify the recovery merge process * [IOTDB-2176] Limit target chunk size when performing inner space compaction * [IOTDB-2193] Reduce unnecessary lock operations of RaftLogManager to improve writing performance * [IOTDB-2195] Control the concurrent query execution thread * [IOTDB-2632] Set compaction_write_throughput_mb_per_sec to 16 by default * [ISSUE-3445] New compaction strategy and compaction scheduling strategy * [ISSUE-3856] refine exception handling logic in commitTo in RaftLogManager * [Cluster] No need to shake hands with itself when one node restart ## Incompatible changes * [IOTDB-1026] Support wildcard \*\* in Path And Replace PrefixPath usage with PathPattern in IOTDB-SQL * [IOTDB-1620] Support backtick (\`) character and double quotes (") to quote identifiers * [IOTDB-1650] Rename the sql command `move` to `unload` ## Miscellaneous changes * [IOTDB-1342] modify error message about LIMIT and OFFSET used in conjunction with the FILL clause * [IOTDB-1372] delete devices field in FileTimeIndex * [IOTDB-1531] Check tsfile creation time when recovering * [IOTDB-1541] Change sequence of wal and memtable in insertion * [IOTDB-1923] Separate the request unpacking and execution processing logic of TSServiceImpl * [IOTDB-1969] Remove statistic resources of old metric framework from iotdb-server * [IOTDB-2014] MicrometerPrometheusReporter#getReporterType return null * [IOTDB-2043] refactor: remove haveSorted param from Session * [IOTDB-2154] add TsFileUtils.isTsFileComplete * [IOTDB-2206] Rename StorageGroupProcessor to VirtualStorageGroupProcessor * [IOTDB-2208] Reconstruct the process of generating resultset header of query * [ISSUE-4047] Generic type in Statistics extend Serializable * Add compaction version in cache key * Add a constructor of IoTDBDescriptorHolder to prohibit instantiation ## Bug Fixes * [IOTDB-1266] Fix SHOW TIMESERIES will only display 2000 timeseries * [IOTDB-1478] The whole IoTDB can not read/write if any one sg is not ready * [IOTDB-1562] Fix incorrect exception processing in insertXXX() API * [IOTDB-1583] Raft log failed to be committed in cluster version * [IOTDB-1592] BugFix: SLimit Not effective in align by device * [IOTDB-1736] Fix error code is not printed in TSServiceImpl's log * [IOTDB-1749] sync-tool's lockInstance() dose not take effect * [IOTDB-1758] sync-tool, empty uuid file cause tool can not auto-recovery * [IOTDB-1848] Failed to initialize pool: Does not support setReadOnly in grafana-connector * [IOTDB-1853] Fix bug about more than one TimeseriesMetadata in TsFile * [IOTDB-2010] fix incomplete show timeseries result * [IOTDB-2021] Fix Bloom Filter Cache doesn't take effect bug * [IOTDB-2060] Fix NPE when using fill without a filter * [IOTDB-2074] Fix NullPointerException when recovering compaction in MacOS * [IOTDB-2077] Unexpected exception when executing raw data query without VF with limit clause * [IOTDB-2088] Fix IndexOutOfBound exception in AggregationPlan.groupAggResultByLevel * [IOTDB-2116] Fix all client connections are stuck bug caused by logback bug * [IOTDB-2129] Wrong result returned when querying by nested expressions with aliases * [IOTDB-2143] fix wrong precision in cluster mode * [IOTDB-2153] [IOTDB-2157] fix incorrect path search space * [IOTDB-2159] Fix wrong status code when inserting data to a read-only cluster * [IOTDB-2163] Fix unexpected amount of columns in a cluster slimit query * [IOTDB-2174] Fix Regexp filter serializing and deserializing error * [IOTDB-2180] Fix show latest timeseries in cluster * [IOTDB-2183] Fix the config problems in cluster mode * [IOTDB-2185] Fix get an exception when parsing the header of CSV * [IOTDB-2209] Fix logback CVE-2021-42550 issue * [IOTDB-2251] [IOTDB-2252] Fix Query deadlock * [IOTDB-2267] UDF: Error code 500 caused by user logic * [IOTDB-2282] fix tag recovery bug after tag upsert * [IOTDB-2290] Fix Incorrect query result in C++ client * Fix CPP client could not be successfully built on windows * Fix dead lock in setDataTTL method # Apache IoTDB 0.12.5 ## New Features * [IOTDB-2078] Split large TsFile tool * [IOTDB-2192] Support extreme function ## Improvements * [IOTDB-1297] Refactor the memory control when enabling time partitions * [IOTDB-2195] Control the concurrent query execution thread * [IOTDB-2475] Remove sg not ready log in batch process * [IOTDB-2502] Add query sql in error log if encountering exception * [IOTDB-2506] Refine the lock granularity of the aggregation query * [IOTDB-2534] add character support while using double quote * [IOTDB-2562] Change default value of sync mlog period parameter * Avoid too many warning logs being printed, when opening too many file handlers ## Bug Fixes * [IOTDB-1960] Fix count timeseries bug in cluster mode * [IOTDB-2174] Fix Regexp filter serializing and deserializing error * [IoTDB-2185] fix get an exception bug when parsing the header of CSV * [IOTDB-2194] Fix SHOW TIMESERIES will only display 2000 timeseries in cluster mode * [IOTDB-2197] Fix datatype conversion exception in Spark Connector * [IOTDB-2209] Fix logback CVE-2021-42550 issue * [IOTDB-2219] Fix query in-memory data is incorrect in cluster mode * [IOTDB-2222] Fix OOM and data was written in incorrectly bugs of Spark Connector * [IOTDB-2251] [IOTDB-2252] Fix Query deadlock * [IOTDB-2282] fix tag recover bug after tag update * [IOTDB-2320] MemoryLeak cause by wal Scheduled trim task thread * [IOTDB-2381] Fix deadlock caused by incorrect buffer pool size counter * [IOTDB-2400] Fix series reader bug * [IOTDB-2426] WAL deadlock caused by too many open files * [IOTDB-2445] Fix overlapped data should be consumed first bug * [IOTDB-2499] Fix division by zero error when recovering merge * [IOTDB-2507] Fix NPE when merge recover * [IOTDB-2528] Fix MLog corruption and recovery bug after killing system * [IOTDB-2532] Fix query with align by device can't get value after clear cache * [IOTDB-2533] Fix change max_deduplicated_path_num does not take effect * [IOTDB-2544] Fix tag info sync error during metadata sync * [IOTDB-2550] Avoid show timeseries error after alter tag on sync sender * [IOTDB-2567] Fix thread and ByteBuffer leak after service stopped * [IOTDB-2568] "show query processlist" is blocked * [IOTDB-2580] Fix DirectByteBuffer and thread leak when deleting storage group * [IOTDB-2584] Fix cross space compaction selector * [IOTDB-2603] Fix compaction recover * [IOTDB-2604] Fix batch size is invalid in import-csv tool * [IOTDB-2620] Unrecognizable operator type (SHOW) for AuthorityChecker * [IOTDB-2624] Fix "overlapped data should be consumed first" occurs when executing query * [IOTDB-2640] Fix cross compaction recover bug * [IOTDB-2641] Fix time range of TsFile resource overlaps after unseq compaction * [IOTDB-2642] Fix the new file has a higher compact priority than the old file in unseq compaction * Fix a logical bug in processPlanLocally in cluster mode * Throw Exception while using last query with align by device * Add a judgement to determine raft log size can fit into buffer before log appending in cluster mode * Fix grafana can't be used bug # Apache IoTDB 0.12.4 ## New Features * [IOTDB-1823] group by multi level ## Improvements * [IOTDB-2027] Rollback invalid entry after WAL writing failure * [IOTDB-2061] Add max concurrent sub query parameter, read data in batches to limit max IO and add max cached buffer size configuration * [IOTDB-2065] release TsFileSequenceReader soon when it is no longer used * [IOTDB-2072] Remove TVListAllocator to reduce the TVList mem cost * [IOTDB-2101] Reduce the memory footprint of QueryDataSource * [IOTDB-2102] Push limit operator down to each reader * [IOTDB-2123] Accelerate recovery process * update user guide for cpp-cpi and disable compiling nodejs in cpp-cli * Ignore too many WAL BufferOverflow log ## Bug Fixes * [IOTDB-1408] Statement with 'as' executes incorrectly in mutil-path scenes * [IOTDB-2023] Fix serializing and deserializing bugs of Filters * [IOTDB-2025] Fix count nodes and devices incorrectly in cluster * [IOTDB-2031] Fix incorrect result of descending query with value filter in cluster * [IOTDB-2032] Fix incorrect result of descending query with multiple time partitions * [IOTDB-2039] Fix data redundant after too many open files exception occurs during compaction * [IOTDB-2047] Fix NPE when memControl is disabled and insert TEXT value to a non-TEXT series * [IOTDB-2058] Fix Query is blocked without sub-query-threads exist bug * [IOTDB-2063] Fix MinTimeDescAggregationResult implementation bug * [IOTDB-2064] Fix the NPE caused by map serde * [IOTDB-2068] Fix GZIP compressor meets ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException * [IOTDB-2124] the filtering condition does not take efffect for last query in cluster * [IOTDB-2138] Fix data loss after IoTDB recover * [IOTDB-2140] Fix merge throw NullPointerException * [IOTDB-2152] PyClient: Override `__eq__()` of TSDataType, TSEncoding and Compressor to avoid unexpected comparation behaviour * [IOTDB-2160] Fix cluster groupby query cross-node reference leaks * [ISSUE-3335] Fix the bug of start-cli.sh -e mode can't work with wild card \* * fix memory leak: replace RandomDeleteCache with Caffine CacheLoader * Fix connection refused using session when users forget to set client ip # Apache IoTDB 0.12.3 ## Improvements * [IOTDB-842] Better Export/Import-CSV Tool * [IOTDB-1738] Cache paths list in batched insert plan * [IOTDB-1792] remove tomcat-embed dependency and make all transitive dependencies versions consistent * [ISSUE-4072] Parallel insert records in Session * Print the file path while meeting error in case of reading chunk ## Bug Fixes * [IOTDB-1275] Fix backgroup exec for cli -e function causes an infinite loop * [IOTDB-1287] Fix C++ class Session has 2 useless sort() * [IOTDB-1289] fix CPP mem-leak in SessionExample.cpp insertRecords() * [IOTDB-1484] fix auto create schema in cluster * [IOTDB-1578] Set unsequnce when loading TsFile with the same establish time * [IOTDB-1619] Fix an error msg when restart iotdb-cluster * [IOTDB-1629] fix the NPE when using value fill in cluster mode * [IOTDB-1632] Fix Value fill function fills even when the data exists * [IOTDB-1651] add reconnect to solve out of sequence in sync module * [IOTDB-1659] Fix Windows CLI cannot set maxPRC less than or equal to 0 * [IOTDB-1670] Fix cli -e mode didn't fetch timestamp_precision from server * [IOTDB-1674] Fix command interpret error causing somaxconn warning failed * [IOTDB-1677] Fix not generate file apache-iotdb-0.x.x-client-cpp-linux-x86_64-bin.zip.sha512 * [IOTDB-1678] Fix client-cpp session bug: can cause connection leak. * [IOTDB-1679] client-cpp: Session descontruction need release server resource * [IOTDB-1690] Fix align by device type cast error * [IOTDB-1693] fix IoTDB restart does not truncate broken ChunkGroup bug * [IOTDB-1703] Fix MManager slow recover with tag * [IOTDB-1714] fix Could not find or load main class when start with jmx on win * [IOTDB-1723] Fix concurrency issue in compaction selection * [IOTDB-1726] Wrong hashCode() and equals() method in ChunkMetadata * [IOTDB-1727] Fix Slow creation of timeseries with tag * [IOTDB-1731] Fix sync error between different os * [IOTDB-1733] Fix dropping built-in function * [IOTDB-1741] Avoid double close in level compaction execution * [IOTDB-1785] Fix Illegal String ending with . being parsed to PartialPath * [IOTDB-1836] Fix Query Exception Bug after deleting all sgs * [IOTDB-1837] Fix tagIndex rebuild failure after upgrade mlog from mlog.txt to mlog.bin * [IOTDB-1838] The compacting status in SGP is always false * [IOTDB-1846] Fix the error when count the total number of devices in cluster mode * [IoTDB-1847] Not throw excpetion when pulling non--existent time series * [IOTDB-1850] Fix deserialize page merge rate limiter * [IoTDB-1865] Compaction is blocking when removing old files in Cluster * [IOTDB-1868] Use RwLock to reduce the lock time for nodeRing * [IOTDB-1872] Fix data increases abnormally after IoTDB restarts * [IOTDB-1877] Fix Sync recovery and reconnection bugs in both sender and receiver * [IOTDB-1879] Fix some Unsequence files never be merged to higher level or Sequence folder * [IOTDB-1887] Fix importing csv data containing null throws exception * [IOTDB-1893] Fix Can not release file lock in sync verify singleton * [IOTDB-1895] Cache leader optimization for batch write interfaces on multiple devices * [IOTDB-1903] Fix IndexOutOfRangeException when starting IoTDB * [IoTDB-1913] Fix When exporting a amount of data from csv, it will report network error or OOM * [IOTDB-1925] Fix the modification of max_select_unseq_file_num_in_each_compaction parameter does not take effect * [IOTDB-1958] Add storage group not ready exception * [IOTDB-1961] Cluster query memory leak * [IOTDB-1975] OOM caused by that MaxQueryDeduplicatedPathNum doesn't take effect * [IOTDB-1983] Fix DescReadWriteBatchData serializing bug * [IOTDB-1990] Fix unchecked null result by calling IReaderByTimestamp.getValuesInTimestamps() * [ISSUE-3945] Fix Fuzzy query not support multiDevices and alignByDevice Dataset * [ISSUE-4288] Fix CI issue caused by the invalid pentaho download url * [ISSUE-4293] SessionPool: InterruptedException is not properly handled in synchronized wait() * [ISSUE-4308] READ_TIMESERIES privilege granted to users and roles can not take effect when quering by UDFs * fix merge ClassCastException: MeasurementMNode * change sync version check to major version * init dummyIndex after restart cluster # Apache IoTDB 0.12.2 ## New Features * [IOTDB-959] Add create storage group Grammar * [IOTDB-1399] Add a session interface to connect multiple nodes * [IOTDB-1466] Support device template * [IOTDB-1491] UDTF query supported in cluster * [IOTDB-1496] Timed flush memtable * [IOTDB-1536] Support fuzzy query REGEXP * [IOTDB-1561] Support fill by specific value * [IOTDB-1565] Add sql: set system to readonly/writable * [IOTDB-1569] Timed close TsFileProcessor * [IOTDB-1586] Support mysql-style Like clause * [ISSUE-3811] Provide a data type column for the last query dataset * TTL can be set to the prefix path of storage group * add JMX monitor to all ThreadPools in the server module ## Improvements * [IOTDB-1566] Do not restrict concurrent write partitions * [IOTDB-1585] ModificationFile‘s write interface blocking * [IOTDB-1587] SessionPool optimization: a more aggressive Session creation strategy * Use StringCachedPool in TsFileResource to reduce the memory size * write performance optimization when replicaNum == 1 * Optimize Primitive Array Manager * Function Improvement: add overlapped page rate in Tracing ## Bug Fixes * [IOTDB-1282] fix C++ class SessionDataSet mem-leak * [IOTDB-1407] fix Filtering time series based on tags query fails Occasionally * [IOTDB-1437] Fix the TsFileSketchTool NPE * [IOTDB-1442] Time filter & TTL do not take effect in cluster * [IOTDB-1452] remove compaction log/ change logger to daily * [IOTDB-1447] ClientPool is blocking other nodes when one node fails * [IOTDB-1456] Fix Error occurred while executing delete timeseries statement * [IOTDB-1461] Fix compaction conflicts with ttl * [IOTDB-1462] Fix cross space compaction recover null pointer bug * [IOTDB-1464] fix take byte array null pointer * [IOTDB-1469] fix cross space compaction lost data bug * [IOTDB-1471] Fix path not right in "sg may not ready" log * [IOTDB-1475] MeasurementId check while create timeseries or template/ disable time or timestamp in timeseries path * [IOTDB-1488] Fix metaMember's forwarding clientPool timeout in cluster module * [IOTDB-1494] fix compaction block flush bug * [IoTDB-1499] Remove series registration using IoTDBSink * [IoTDB-1501] Fix compaction recover delete tsfile bug * [IOTDB-1529] Fix mlog recover idx bug and synchronize setStorageGroup * [IOTDB-1537] fix insertTablet permission * [IOTDB-1539] Fix delete operation with value filter is abnormal * [IOTDB-1540] Bug Fix: 500 when using IN operator * [IOTDB-1541] Fix query result not right due to non-precise time index of resource * [IOTDB-1542] Cpp client segment fault: char[] buffer overflow caused by long exception message * [IOTDB-1545] Query dataset memory leak on server caused by cpp client * [IOTDB-1546] Optimize the Upgrade Tool rewrite logic to reduce the temp memory cost * [IOTDB-1552] Only allow equivalent filter for TEXT data type * [IOTDB-1556] Abort auto create device when meet exception in setStorageGroup * [IOTDB-1574] Deleted file handler leak * [IOTDB-1580] Error result of order by time desc when enable time partition * [IOTDB-1584] Doesn't support order by time desc in cluster mode * [IOTDB-1588] Bug fix: MAX_TIME is incorrect in cluster mode * [IOTDB-1594] Fix show timeseries returns incorrect tag value * [IOTDB-1600] Fix InsertRowsOfOneDevicePlan being not supported in cluster mode * [IOTDB-1610] Fix TsFileRewriteTool writing incorrect data file * [ISSUE-3116] Bug when using natural month unit in time interval in group by query * [ISSUE-3316] Query result with the same time range is inconsistent in group by query * [ISSUE-3436] Fix query result not right after deleting multiple time interval of one timeseries * [ISSUE-3458] fix load configuration does not take effect * [ISSUE-3545] Fix Time interval value is disorder in group by month * [ISSUE-3653] fix Max_time and last return inconsistent result * [ISSUE-3690] Memory leaks on the server when cpp client invokes checkTimeseriesExists * [ISSUE-3805] OOM caused by Chunk cache * [ISSUE-3865] Meaningless connection reset issues caused by low default value for SOMAXCONN * Fix DataMigrationExample OOM if migrate too many timeseries * Handle false positive cases which may cause NPE of tsfile bloom filter * Fix Windows shell error on JDK11 & fix iotdb-env.bat not working * Fix cluster auto create schema bug when retry locally * Fix thrift out of sequence in cluster module * Skip non exist measurement in where clause in align by device * fix blocking query when selecting TsFile in compaction * Fix redundant data in compaction recover * Fix load tsfile with time partition enable ## Incompatible changes * [IOTDB-1485] Replace tsfile_size_threshold by unseq_tsfile_size/seq_tsfile_size ## Miscellaneous changes * [IOTDB-1499] Remove unused exception throwing notation in IoTDBSink * [IOTDB-1500] Remove current dynamic query memory control * [ISSUE-3674] Disable thrift code generation for Javascript * enable cacheLeader by default * add audit log when execute delete and set sg for tracing * modify nodeTool user to root # Apache IoTDB 0.12.1 ## Bug Fixes * [GITHUB-3373] Remove the broken cached leader connection & optimize the insertRecords method in session * [IOTDB-1433] Fix bug in getMetadataAndEndOffset when querying non-exist device * [IOTDB-1432] fix level compaction loss data * [IOTDB-1427] Fix compaction lock with query * [IOTDB-1420] Fix compaction ttl bug * [IOTDB-1419] Remove redundant clearCompactionStatus, fix continuous compaction doesn't take effect when enablePartition * [IOTDB-1415] Fix OOM caused by ChunkCache * [IOTDB-1414] NPE occurred when call getStorageGroupNodeByPath() method using not exist path * [IOTDB-1412] Unclear exception message thrown when executing empty InsertTabletPlan * [IOTDB-1411] Fix thriftMaxFrameSize and thriftDefaultBufferSize does not in effect * [IOTDB-1398] Do not select unseq files when there are uncompacted old unseq files * [IOTDB-1390] Fix unseq compaction loss data bug * [IOTDB-1384] Fix group by bug * [ISSUE-3378] Fix NPE when clear upgrade folder; Fix some upgraded pageHeader missing statistics * [GITHUB-3339] Try to fix sg dead lock * [GITHUB-3329] Fix upgrade NPE and DeadLock * [GITHUB-3319] Fix upgrade tool cannot close file reader * [IOTDB-1212] Fix The given error message is not right when executing select sin(non_existence) from root.sg1.d1 * [IOTDB-1219] Fix a potential NPE issue in UDF module * [IOTDB-1286] Fix 4 C++ mem-leak points * [IOTDB-1294] Fix delete operation become invalid after compaction * [IOTDB-1313] Fix lossing time precision when import csv with unsupported timestamp format * [IOTDB-1316] The importCsv tool should continue inserting if a part of insertion failed * [IOTDB-1317] Fix log CatchUp always failed due to not check the follower's match index * [IOTDB-1323] Fix return a success message when encounter RuntimeException during the insertion process * [IOTDB-1325] Fix StackOverflow Exception in group by natural month query * [IOTDB-1330] Fix the load tsfile bug when the cross multi partition's tsfile only have one page * [IOTDB-1348] Fix Last plan not work in cluster mode * [IOTDB-1376] Fix BatchProcessException was not correctly handled in BaseApplier * [ISSUE-3277] Fix TotalSeriesNumber in MManager counted twice when recovering * [ISSUE-3116] Fix bug when using natural month unit in time interval in group by query * [ISSUE-3309] Fix InsertRecordsOfOneDevice runs too slow * Fix the plan index is always zero when using insertRecords interface to run the cluster * Add authority check for users create timeseries using executeBatch interface without the privilege * Fix versionInfo NPE when query upgrading 0.11 tsfile * Fix upgrade tool cannot load old tsfile if time partition enabled in 0.11 * Fix import csv throw ArrayOutOfIndexError when the last value in a line is null * Fix upgrade tool cannot close file reader ## Improvements * [GITHUB-3399] Change the default primitive array size to 32 * [IOTDB-1387] Support Without Null ALL in align by device clause, Filter RowRecord automatically if any column in it is null or all columns are null * [IOTDB-1385] Extract the super user to the configuration * [IOTDB-1315] ExportCsvTool should support timestamp `yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ` * [IOTDB-1339] optimize TimeoutChangeableTSnappyFramedTransport * [IOTDB-1356] Separate unseq_file_num_in_each_level from selecting candidate file in unseq compaction * [IOTDB-1357] Compaction use append chunk merge strategy when chunk is already large enough * [IOTDB-1380] Automatically close the dataset while there is no more data * Optimize sync leader for meta ## New Features * [GITHUB-3389] TTL can be set to any path * [GITHUB-3387] Add parameter compaction_interval=10000ms * [IOTDB-1190] Fully support HTTP URL char set in timeseries path * [IOTDB-1321][IOTDB-1322] Filter RowRecord automatically if any column in it is null or all columns are null * [IOTDB-1357] Compaction use append chunk merge strategy when chunk is already large * [ISSUE-3089] Make it possible for storage groups to have name with hyphen ## Miscellaneous changes * [GITHUB-3346] upgrade netty and claim exclusion for enforcer check * [IOTDB-1259] upgrade libthrift from 0.12.0/0.13.0 to 0.14.1 * Uncomment the less used configurations * Enable the configration `concurrent_writing_time_partition` # Apache IoTDB 0.12.0 ## New Features * [IOTDB-68] New shared-nothing cluster * [IOTDB-507] Add zeppelin-interpreter module * [IOTDB-825] Aggregation by natural month * [IOTDB-890] support SDT lossy compression * [IOTDB-944] Support UDTF (User-defined Timeseries Generating Function) * [IOTDB-965] Add timeout parameter for query * [IOTDB-1077] Add insertOneDeviceRecords API in java session * [IOTDB-1055] Support data compression type GZIP * [IOTDB-1024] Support multiple aggregated measurements for group by level statement * [IOTDB-1276] Add explain sql support and remove debug_state parameter * [IOTDB-1197] Add iotdb-client-go as a git submodule of IoTDB repo * [IOTDB-1230] Support spans multi time partitions when loading one TsFile * [IOTDB-1273] Feature/restrucutre python module as well as supporting pandas dataframe * [IOTDB-1277] support IoTDB as Flink's data source * [PR-2605] Add level merge to "merge" command ## Incompatible changes * [IOTDB-1081] New TsFile Format * [ISSUE-2730] Add the number of unseq merge times in TsFile name. ## Miscellaneous changes * [IOTDB-868] Change mlog from txt to bin * [IOTDB-1069] Restrict the flushing memtable number to avoid OOM when mem_control is disabled * [IOTDB-1104] Refactor the error handling process of query exceptions * [IOTDB-1108] Add error log to print file name while error happened * [IOTDB-1152] Optimize regular data size in traversing * [IOTDB-1180] Reset the system log file names and maximal disk-space size * [ISSUE-2515] Set fetchsize through JDBC and Session * [ISSUE-2598] Throw explicit exception when time series is unknown in where clause * [PR-2944] Throw exception when device to be queried is not in TsFileMetaData * [PR-2967] Log memory usage information in SystemInfo for better diagnosis ## Bug Fixes * [IOTDB-1049] Fix NullpointerException and a delete bug in Last query * [IOTDB-1050] Fix Count timeserise column name is wrong * [IOTDB-1068] Fix Time series metadata cache bug * [IOTDB-1084] Fix temporary memory of flushing may cause OOM * [IOTDB-1106] Fix delete timeseries bug * [IOTDB-1126] Fix the unseq tsfile delete due to merge * [IOTDB-1135] Fix the count timeseries prefix path bug * [IOTDB-1137] Fix MNode.getLeafCount error when existing sub-device * [ISSUE-2484] Fix creating timeseries error by using "create" or "insert" statement * [ISSUE-2545, 2549] Fix unseq merge end time bug * [ISSUE-2611] An unsequence file that covers too many sequence file causes OOM query * [ISSUE-2688] LRULinkedHashMap does not work as an LRU Cache * [ISSUE-2709, 1178] Fix cache not cleared after unseq compaction bug, Fix windows 70,10 ci bug in unseq compaction ci * [ISSUE-2741] getObject method in JDBC should return an Object * [ISSUE-2746] Fix data overlapped bug after unseq compaction * [ISSUE-2758] NullPointerException in QueryTimeManager.checkQueryAlive() * [ISSUE-2905] Fix Files.deleteIfExists() doesn't work for HDFS file * [ISSUE-2919] Fix C++ client memory leak bug * [PR-2613] Fix importCSVTool import directory bug & encode bug * [PR-2409] Fix import csv which can't import time format str * [PR-2582] Fix sync bug for tsfiles's directory changed by vitural storage group * [ISSUE-2911] Fix The write stream is not closed when executing the command 'tracing off' # Apache IoTDB 0.11.4 ## Bug Fixes * IOTDB-1303 Disable group by without aggregation function in select clause * IOTDB-1306 Fix insertion blocked caused the deadlock in memory control module * IOTDB-1308 Fix users with READ_TIMESERIES permission cannot execute group by fill queries * IOTDB-1344 Fix cannot create timeseries caused by the timeseries count doesn't reset when deleting storage group * IOTDB-1384 Some value will disappear while using group by query * IOTDB-1398 Do not select unseq files when there are uncompacted old unseq files * ISSUE-3316 Fix query result with the same time range is inconsistent in group by query * Fix TotalSeriesNumber in MManager counted twice when recovering * Fix unseq compaction throws a wrong exception if some paths are not in the file * Fix overlapped data should be consumed first exception when query ## Improvements * IOTDB-1356 Separate unseq_file_num_in_each_level from selecting candidate file in unseq compaction * IOTDB-1412 Unclear exception message thrown when executing empty InsertTabletPlan * continuous compaction in level compaction strategy when no tsfile is to be closed ## New Features * support brackets with number in timeseries path # Apache IoTDB 0.11.3 ## Bug Fixes * ISSUE-2505 ignore PathNotExistException in recover and change recover error to warn * IOTDB-1119 Fix C++ SessionDataSet bug when reading value buffer * Fix SessionPool does not recycle session and can not offer new Session due to RunTimeException * ISSUE-2588 Fix dead lock between deleting data and querying in parallel * ISSUE-2546 Fix first chunkmetadata should be consumed first * IOTDB-1126 Fix unseq tsfile is deleted due to compaction * IOTDB-1137 MNode.getLeafCount error when existing sub-device * ISSUE-2624 ISSUE-2625 Avoid OOM if user don't close Statement and Session manually * ISSUE-2639 Fix possible NPE during end query process * Alter IT for An error is reported and the system is suspended occasionally * IOTDB-1149 print error for -e param when set maxPRC<=0 * IOTDB-1247 Fix the insert blocked caused the bugs in mem control module * ISSUE-2648 Last query not right when having multiple devices * Delete mods files after compaction * ISSUE-2687 fix insert NaN bug * ISSUE-2598 Throw explicit exception when time series is unknown in where clause * Fix timeseriesMetadata cache is not cleared after the TsFile is deleted by a compaction * ISSUE-2611 An unsequence file that covers too many sequence file causes OOM query * IOTDB-1135 Fix count timeseries bug when the paths are nested * ISSUE-2709 IOTDB-1178 Fix cache is not cleared after compaction * ISSUE-2746 Fix data overlapped bug after the elimination unseq compaction process * Fix getObject method in JDBC should return an Object * IOTDB-1188 Fix IoTDB 0.11 unable to delete data bug * Fix when covering a tsfile resource with HistoricalVersion = null, it’ll throw a NPE * fix the elimination unseq compaction may loss data bug after a delete operation is executed * Fix a bug of checking time partition in DeviceTimeIndex * Throw exeception when device to be queried is not in tsFileMetaData * Fix unseq compaction file selector conflicts with time partition bug * Fix high CPU usage during the compaction process ## Improvements * IOTDB-1140 optimize regular data encoding * Add more log for better tracing * Add backgroup exec for cli -e function * Add max direct memory size parameter to env.sh * Change last cache log to debug level ## New Features * Add explain sql support # Apache IoTDB 0.11.2 ## Bug Fixes * IOTDB-1049 Fix Nullpointer exception and a delete bug in Last query * IOTDB-1060 Support full deletion for delete statement without where clause * IOTDB-1068 Fix Time series metadata cache bug * IOTDB-1069 restrict the flushing memtable number to avoid OOM when mem_control is disabled * IOTDB-1077 add insertOneDeviceRecords API in java session * IOTDB-1087 fix compaction block flush: flush do not return until compaction finished * IOTDB-1106 Delete timeseries statement will incorrectly delete other timeseries * Github issue-2137 fix grafana value-time position bug * Github issue-2169 GetObject returns String for all data types * Github issue-2240 fix Sync failed: Socket is closed by peer * Github issue-2387 The deleteData method exists in Session but not in SessionPool. * add thrift_max_frame_size in iotdb-engine.properties * Fix incorrect last result after deleting all data * Fix compaction recover block restart: IoTDB cannot restart until last compaction recover task finished * Fix compaction ignore modification file: delete does not work after compaction * print more insert error message in client * expose enablePartition parameter into iotdb-engines.properpties # Apache IoTDB 0.11.1 ## Bug Fixes * IOTDB-990 cli parameter maxPRC shouldn't to be set zero * IOTDB-993 Fix tlog bug * IOTDB-994 Fix can not get last_value while doing the aggregation query along with first_value * IOTDB-1000 Fix read redundant data while select with value filter with unseq data * IOTDB-1007 Fix session pool concurrency and leakage issue when pool.close is called * IOTDB-1016 overlapped data should be consumed first * IOTDB-1021 Fix NullPointerException when showing child paths of non-existent path * IOTDB-1028 add MAX\_POINT\_NUMBER format check * IOTDB-1034 Fix Show timeseries error in Chinese on Windows * IOTDB-1035 Fix bug in getDeviceTimeseriesMetadata when querying non-exist device * IOTDB-1038 Fix flink set storage group bug * ISSUE-2179 fix insert partial tablet with binary NullPointer bug * add reject status code * Update compaction level list delete * Fix query result is not correct * Fix import errors in Session.py and SessionExample.py * Fix modules can not be found when using pypi to pack client-py * Fix Count timeseries group by level bug * Fix desc batchdata count bug # Apache IoTDB 0.11.0 ## New Features * IOTDB-627 Support range deletion for timeseries * IOTDB-670 Add raw data query interface in Session * IOTDB-716 add lz4 compression * IOTDB-736 Add query performance tracing * IOTDB-776 New memory control strategy * IOTDB-813 Show storage group under given path prefix * IOTDB-848 Support order by time asc/desc * IOTDB-863 add a switch to drop ouf-of-order data * IOTDB-873 Add count devices DDL * IOTDB-876 Add count storage group DDL * IOTDB-926 Support reconnection of Session * IOTDB-941 Support 'delete storage group ' * IOTDB-968 Support time predicate in select last, e.g., select last * from root where time >= T * Show alias if it is used in query * Add level compaction strategy * Add partialInsert ## Incompatible changes * IOTDB-778 Support double/single quotation in Path * IOTDB-870 change tags and attributes output to two columns with json values ## Miscellaneous changes * IOTDB-784 Update rpc protocol to V3 * IOTDB-790 change base_dir to system_dir * IOTDB-829 Accelerate delete multiple timeseries * IOTDB-839 Make Tablet api more friendly * IOTDB-902 Optimize max_time aggregation * IOTDB-916 Add a config entry to make Last cache configurable * IOTDB-928 Make ENCODING optional in create time series sentence * IOTDB-938 Re-implement Gorilla encoding algorithm * IOTDB-942 Optimization of query with long time unsequence page * IOTDB-943 Fix cpu usage too high * Add query load log * Add merge rate limiting ## Bug Fixes * IOTDB-749 Avoid select * from root OOM * IOTDB-774 Fix "show timeseries" OOM problem * IOTDB-832 Fix sessionPool logic when reconnection failed * IOTDB-833 Fix JMX cannot connect IoTDB in docker * IOTDB-835 Delete timeseries and change data type then write failed * IOTDB-836 Statistics classes mismatched when endFile (delete timeseries then recreate) * IOTDB-837 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if the measurementId size is not consistent with the value size * IOTDB-847 Fix bug that 'List user privileges' cannot apply to 'root' * IOTDB-850 a user could list others privilege bug * IOTDB-851 Enhance failure tolerance when recover WAL (enable partial insertion) * IOTDB-855 Can not release Session in SessionPool if RuntimeException occurs * IOTDB-868 Can not redo mlogs with special characters like comma * IOTDB-872 Enable setting timezone at client * IOTDB-877 fix prefix bug on show storage group and show devices * IOTDB-904 fix update last cache NullPointerException * IOTDB-920 Disable insert row that only contains time/timestamp column * IOTDB-921 When execute two query simultaneously in one statement, got error * IOTDB-922 Int and Long can convert to each other in ResultSet * IOTDB-947 Fix error when counting node with wildcard * IOTDB-949 Align by device doesn't support 'T*' in path. * IOTDB-956 Filter will be missed in group by time align by device * IOTDB-963 Redo deleteStorageGroupPlan failed when recovering * IOTDB-967 Fix xxx does not have the child node xxx Bug in count timeseries * IOTDB-970 Restrict log file number and size * IOTDB-971 More precise error messages of slimit and soffset * IOTDB-975 when series does not exist in TsFile, reading wrong ChunkMetadataList # Apache IoTDB (incubating) 0.10.1 * [IOTDB-797] InsertTablet deserialization from WAL error * [IOTDB-788] Can not upgrade all storage groups * [IOTDB-792] deadlock when insert while show latest timeseries * [IOTDB-794] Rename file or delete file Error in start check in Windows * [IOTDB-795] BufferUnderflowException in Hive-connector * [IOTDB-766] Do not release unclosed file reader, a small memory leak * [IOTDB-796] Concurrent Query throughput is low * Query result is not correct when some unsequence data exists * Change the default fetch size to 10000 in session * [IOTDB-798] fix a set rowLimit and rowOffset bug * [IOTDB-800] Add a new config type for those parameters which could not be modified any more after the first start * [IOTDB-802] Improve "group by" query performance * [IOTDB-799] remove log visualizer tool from v0.10 * fix license-binary * [IOTDB-805] Fix BufferUnderflowException when querying TsFile stored in HDFS * python session client ver-0.10.0 * [IOTDB-808] fix bug in selfCheck() truncate * fix doc of MeasurementSchema in Tablet * [IOTDB-811] fix upgrading mlog many times when upgrading system.properties crashed * Improve IoTDB restart process * remove jol-core dependency which is introduced by hive-serde 2.8.4 * remove org.json dependency because of license compatibility * [ISSUE-1551] fix set historical version when loading additional tsfile # Apache IoTDB (incubating) 0.10.0 ## New Features * IOTDB-217 A new GROUPBY syntax, e.g., select avg(s1) from root.sg.d1.s1 GROUP BY ([1, 50), 5ms) * IOTDB-220 Add hot-load configuration function * IOTDB-275 allow using user defined JAVA_HOME and allow blank space in the JAVA_HOME * IOTDB-287 Allow domain in JDBC URL * IOTDB-292 Add load external tsfile feature * IOTDB-297 Support "show flush task info" * IOTDB-298 Support new Last point query. e.g, select last * from root * IOTDB-305 Add value filter function while executing align by device * IOTDB-309 add Dockerfiles for 0.8.1, 0.9.0, and 0.9.1 * IOTDB-313 Add RandomOnDiskUsableSpaceStrategy * IOTDB-323 Support insertRecords in session * IOTDB-337 Add timestamp precision properties for grafana * IOTDB-343 Add test method in session * IOTDB-396 Support new query clause: disable align, e.g., select * from root disable align * IOTDB-447 Support querying non-existing measurement and constant measurement * IOTDB-448 Add IN operation, e.g., where time in (1,2,3) * IOTDB-456 Support GroupByFill Query, e.g., select last_value(s1) from root.sg.d1 GROUP BY ([1, 10), 2ms) FILL(int32[previousUntilLast]) * IOTDB-467 The CLI displays query results in a batch manner * IOTDB-497 Support Apache Flink Connector with IoTDB * IOTDB-558 add text support for grafana * IOTDB-560 Support Apache Flink connecter with TsFile * IOTDB-565 MQTT Protocol Support, disabled by default, open in iotdb-engine.properties * IOTDB-574 Specify configuration when start iotdb * IOTDB-588 Add tags and attributes management * IOTDB-607 add batch create timeseries in native interface * IOTDB-612 add limit&offset to show timeseries * IOTDB-615 Use TsDataType + Binary to replace String in insert plan * IOTDB-617 Support alter one time series's tag/attribute * IOTDB-630 Add a jdbc-like way to fetch data in session * IOTDB-640 Enable system admin sql (flush/merge) in JDBC or Other API * IOTDB-671 Add clear cache command * Support open and close time range in group by, e.g, [), (] * Online upgrade from 0.9.x * Support special characters in path: -/+&%$#@ * IOTDB-446 Support path start with a digit, e.g., root.sg.12a * enable rpc compression in session pool * Make JDBC OSGi usable and added a feature file * add printing one resource file tool * Allow count timeseries group by level=x using default path * IOTDB-700 Add OpenID Connect based JWT Access as alternative to Username / Password * IOTDB-701 Set heap size by percentage of system total memory when starts * IOTDB-708 add config for inferring data type from string value * IOTDB-715 Support previous time range in previousuntillast * IOTDB-719 add avg_series_point_number_threshold in config * IOTDB-731 Continue write inside InsertPlan * IOTDB-734 Add Support for NaN in Double / Floats in SQL Syntax. * IOTDB-744 Support upsert alias ## Incompatible changes * IOTDB-138 Move All metadata query to usual query * IOTDB-322 upgrade to thrift 0.12.0-0.13.0 * IOTDB-325 Refactor Statistics in TsFile * IOTDB-419 Refactor the 'last' and 'first' aggregators to 'last_value' and 'first_value' * IOTDB-506 upgrade the rpc protocol to v2 to reject clients or servers that version < 0.10 * IOTDB-587 TsFile is upgraded to version 2 * IOTDB-593 add metaOffset in TsFileMetadata * IOTDB-597 Rename methods in Session: insertBatch to insertTablet, insertInBatch to insertRecords, insert to insertRecord * RPC is incompatible, you can not use client-v0.9 to connect with server-v0.10 * TsFile format is incompatible, will be upgraded when starting 0.10 * Refine exception code in native api ## Miscellaneous changes * IOTDB-190 upgrade from antlr3 to antlr4 * IOTDB-418 new query engine * IOTDB-429 return empty dataset instead of throw exception, e.g., show child paths root.* * IOTDB-445 Unify the keyword of "timestamp" and "time" * IOTDB-450 Add design documents * IOTDB-498 Support date format "2020-02-10" * IOTDB-503 Add checkTimeseriesExists in java native api * IOTDB-605 Add more levels of index in TsFileMetadata for handling too many series in one device * IOTDB-625 Change default level number: root is level 0 * IOTDB-628 rename client to cli * IOTDB-621 Add Check isNull in Field for querying using session * IOTDB-632 Performance improve for PreviousFill/LinearFill * IOTDB-695 Accelerate the count timeseries query * IOTDB-707 Optimize TsFileResource memory usage * IOTDB-730 continue write in MQTT when some events are failed * IOTDB-729 shutdown uncessary threadpool * IOTDB-733 Enable setting for mqtt max length * IOTDB-732 Upgrade fastjson version to 1.2.70 * Allow "count timeseries" without a prefix path * Add max backup log file number * add rpc compression api in client and session module * Continue writing the last unclosed file * Move the vulnera-checks section into the apache-release profile to accelerate compile * Add metaquery in python example * Set inferType of MQTT InsertPlan to true ## Bug Fixes * IOTDB-125 Potential Concurrency bug while deleting and inserting happen together * IOTDB-185 fix start-client failed on WinOS if there is blank space in the file path; let start-server.bat suport jdk12,13 etc * IOTDB-304 Fix bug of incomplete HDFS URI * IOTDB-341 Fix data type bug in grafana * IOTDB-346 Fix a bug of renaming tsfile in loading function * IOTDB-370 fix a concurrent problem in parsing sql * IOTDB-376 fix metric to show executeQuery * IOTDB-392 fix export CSV * IOTDB-393 Fix unclear error message for no privilege users * IOTDB-401 Correct the calculation of a chunk if there is no data in the chunk, do not flush empty chunk * IOTDB-412 Paths are not correctly deduplicated * IOTDB-420 Avoid encoding task dying silently * IOTDB-425 fix can't change the root password. * IOTDB-459 Fix calmem tool bug * IOTDB-470fix IllegalArgumentException when there exists 0 byte TsFile * IOTDB-529 Relative times and NOW() operator cannot be used in Group By * IOTDB-531 fix issue when grafana visualize boolean data * IOTDB-546 Fix show child paths statement doesn't show quotation marks * IOTDB-643 Concurrent queries cause BufferUnderflowException when storage in HDFS * IOTDB-663 Fix query cache OOM while executing query * IOTDB-664 Win -e option * IOTDB-669 fix getting two columns bug while ”show devices“ in session * IOTDB-692 merge behaves incorrectly * IOTDB-712 Meet BufferUnderflowException and can not recover * IOTDB-718 Fix wrong time precision of NOW() * IOTDB-735 Fix Concurrent error for MNode when creating time series automatically * IOTDB-738 Fix measurements has blank * fix concurrent auto create schema conflict bug * fix meet incompatible file error in restart * Fix bugs of set core-site.xml and hdfs-site.xml paths in HDFS storage * fix execute flush command while inserting bug * Fix sync schema pos bug * Fix batch execution bug, the following sqls will all fail after one error sql * Fix recover endTime set bug # Apache IoTDB (incubating) 0.9.3 ## Bug Fixes - IOTDB-531 Fix that JDBC URL does not support domain issue - IOTDB-563 Fix pentaho cannot be downloaded because of spring.io address - IOTDB-608 Skip error Mlog - IOTDB-634 Fix merge caused errors for TsFile storage in HDFS - IOTDB-636 Fix Grafana connector does not use correct time unit ## Miscellaneous changes - IOTDB-528 Modify grafana group by - IOTDB-635 Add workaround when doing Aggregation over boolean Series - Remove docs of Load External Tsfile - Add Grafana IoTDB Bridge Artifact to distribution in tools/grafana folder # Apache IoTDB (incubating) 0.9.2 ## Bug Fixes - IOTDB-553 Fix Return Empty ResultSet when queried series doesn't exist - IOTDB-575 add default jmx user and password; fix issues that jmx can't be accessed remotely - IOTDB-584 Fix InitializerError when recovering files on HDFS - Fix batch insert once an illegal sql occurs all the sqls after that will not succeed - Fix concurrent modification exception when iterator TsFileResourceList - Fix some HDFS config issues - Fix runtime exception not be catched and sync schema pos was nullpointer bug in DataTransferManager - Fix python rpc grammar mistakes - Fix upgrade ConcurrentModificationException ## Miscellaneous changes - IOTDB-332 support Chinese characters in path - IOTDB-316 add AVG function to 4-SQL Reference.md and modify style - improve start-server.bat by using quotes to protect against empty entries - Add Chinese documents for chapter 4.2 - change download-maven-plugin to 1.3.0 - add session pool - add insertInBatch in Session - add insertInBatch to SessionPool - modify 0.9 docs to fit website - remove tsfile-format.properties - add bloom filter in iotdb-engien.properties - update server download doc - typos fix in Rel/0.9 docs - support 0.12.0 and 0.13.0 thrift # Apache IoTDB (incubating) 0.9.1 ## Bug Fixes - IOTDB-159 Fix NullPointerException in SeqTsFileRecoverTest and UnseqTsFileRecoverTest - IOTDB-317 Fix a bug that "flush + wrong aggregation query" causes the following queries to fail - IOTDB-324 Fix inaccurate statistics when writing in batch - IOTDB-327 Fix a groupBy-without-value-filter query bug caused by the wrong page skipping logic - IOTDB-331 Fix a groupBy query bug when axisOrigin-startTimeOfWindow is an integral multiple of interval - IOTDB-357 Fix NullPointerException in ActiveTimeSeriesCounter - IOTDB-359 Fix a wrong-data-type bug in TsFileSketchTool - IOTDB-360 Fix bug of a deadlock in CompressionRatio - IOTDB-363 Fix link errors in Development-Contributing.md and add Development-Document.md - IOTDB-392 Fix a bug in CSV export tool - Fix apache rat header format error in some files ## Miscellaneous changes - IOTDB-321 Add definitions of time expression and LEVEL in related documents - Support pypi distribution for Python client # Apache IoTDB (incubating) 0.9.0 ## New Features * IOTDB-143 Compaction of data file * IOTDB-151 Support number format in timeseries path * IOTDB-158 Add metrics web service * IOTDB-173 Add batch write interface in session * IoTDB-174 Add interfaces for querying device or timeseries number * IOTDB-187 Enable to choose storage in local file system or HDFS * IOTDB-188 Delete storage group * IOTDB-193 Create schema automatically when inserting * IOTDB-198 Add sync module (Sync TsFiles between IoTDB instances) * IOTDB-199 Add a log visualization tool * IOTDB-203 Add "group by device" function for narrow table display * IOTDB-205 Support storage-group-level Time To Live (TTL) * IOTDB-208 Add Bloom filter in TsFile * IOTDB-223 Add a TsFile sketch tool * IoTDB-226 Hive-TsFile connector * IOTDB-239 Add interface for showing devices * IOTDB-241 Add query and non query interface in session * IOTDB-249 Enable lowercase in create_timeseries sql * IOTDB-253 Support time expression * IOTDB-259 Level query of path * IOTDB-282 Add "show version" * IOTDB-294 Online upgrade from 0.8.0 to 0.9.0 * Spark-iotdb-connector * Support quoted measurement name * Generate cpp, go, and python thrift files under service-rpc * Display cache hit rate through jconsole * Support inserting data that time < 0 * Add interface (Delete timeseries) in session * Add a tool to print tsfileResources (each device's start and end time) * Support watermark feature * Add micro and nano timestamp precision ## Incompatible changes * RPC is incompatible, you can not use client-0.8.0 to connect with server-0.9.0 or use client-0.9.0 to connect with server-0.8.0. * Server is backward compatible, server-0.9.0 could run on data folder of 0.8.0. The data file will be upgraded background. * Change map key in TsDigest from String to enum data type ## Miscellaneous changes * IOTDB-144 Meta data cache for query * IOTDB-153 Further limit fetchSize to speed up LIMIT&OFFSET query * IOTDB-160 External sort * IOTDB-161 Add ErrorCode of different response errors * IOTDB-180 Get rid of JSON format in "show timeseries" * IOTDB-192 Improvement for LRUCache * IOTDB-210 One else if branch will never be reached in the method optimize of ExpressionOptimizer * IOTDB-215 Update TsFile sketch tool and TsFile docs for v0.9.0 * IOTDB-221 Add a python client example * IOTDB-233 keep metadata plan clear * IOTDB-251 Improve TSQueryDataSet structure in RPC * IOTDB-257 Makes the client stop fetch when dataSize equals maxPrintRowCount and change client fetchSize less than maxPrintRowCount * IOTDB-258 Add documents for Query History Visualization Tool and Shared Storage Architecture * IOTDB-265 Re-adjust the threshold size of memtable * IOTDB-267 Reduce IO operations in deserializing chunk header * IOTDB-273 Parallel recovery * IOTDB-276 Fix inconsistent ways of judging whether a Field is null * IOTDB-285 Duplicate fields in EngineDataSetWithoutValueFilter.java * IOTDB-287 Restrict users to only use domain names and IP addresses. * IOTDB-293 Variable naming convention * IOTDB-295 Refactor db.exception * Reconstruct Antlr3 grammar to improve performance * Tooling for release * Modified Decoder and SequenceReader to support old version of TsFile * Remove jdk constrain of jdk8 and 11 * Modify print function in AbstractClient * Avoid second execution of parseSQLToPhysicalPlan in executeStatement ## Known Issues * IOTDB-20 Need to support UPDATE ## Bug Fixes * IOTDB-168&169 Fix a bug in export-csv tool and fix compatibility of timestamp formats in exportCsv, client display and sql * IOTDB-174 Fix querying timeseries interface cannot make a query by the specified path prefix * IOTDB-195 Using String.getBytes(utf-9).length to replace string.length() in ChunkGroupMetadata for supporting Chinese * IOTDB-211 Use "%IOTDB_HOME%\lib\*" to refers to all .jar files in the directory in start-server.bat * IOTDB-240 Fix unknown time series in where clause * IOTDB-244 Fix bug when querying with duplicated columns * IOTDB-252 Add/fix shell and bat for TsFileSketchTool/TsFileResourcePrinter * IOTDB-266 NullPoint exception when reading not existed devices using ReadOnlyTsFile * IOTDB-264 Restart failure due to WAL replay error * IOTDB-290 Bug about threadlocal field in TSServiceImpl.java * IOTDB-291 Statement close operation may cause the whole connection's resource to be released * IOTDB-296 Fix error when skip page data in sequence reader * IOTDB-301 Bug Fix: executing "count nodes root" in client gets "Msg:3" * Fix Dynamic Config when Creating Existing SG or Time-series * Fix start-walchecker scripts for letting user define the wal folder * Fix start script to set JAVA_HOME # Apache IoTDB (incubating) 0.8.2 This is a bug-fix version of 0.8.1 - IOTDB-264 lack checking datatype before writing WAL - IOTDB-317 Fix "flush + wrong aggregation" causes failed query in v0.8.x - NOTICE and LICENSE file update # Apache IoTDB (incubating) 0.8.1 This is a bug-fix version of 0.8.0 * IOTDB-172 Bug in updating startTime and endTime in TsFileResource * IOTDB-195 Bug about 'serializedSize' in ChunkGroupMetaData.java (for Chinese string) * IOTDB-202 fix tsfile example data type * IOTDB-242 fix mvn integration-test failed because the files in the target folder changes * Abnormal publishing of sequence and unsequence data folders in DirectoryManager * Fix a bug in TimeRange's intersects function # Apache IoTDB (incubating) 0.8.0 This is the first official release of Apache IoTDB after joining the Incubator. ## New Features * IOTDB-1 Add Aggregation query * IOTDB-4 Asynchronously force sync WAL periodically * IOTDB-5 Support data deletion * IOTDB-11 Support start script for jdk 11 on Windows OS * IOTDB-18 Improve startup script compatible for jdk11 * IOTDB-36 [TsFile] Enable recover data from a incomplete TsFile and continue to write * IOTDB-37 Add WAL check tool script * IOTDB-51 Update post-back module to synchronization module * IOTDB-59 Support GroupBy query * IOTDB-60 Support Fill function when query * IOTDB-73 Add REGULAR encoding method for data with fixed frequency * IOTDB-80 Support custom export file name * IOTDB-81 Update travis for supporting JDK11 on Windows * IOTDB-83 Add process bar for import script and show how many rows have been exported * IOTDB-91 Improve tsfile-spark-connector to support spark-2.4.3 * IOTDB-93 IoTDB Calcite integration * IOTDB-109 Support appending data at the end of a completed TsFile * IOTDB-122 Add prepared statement in JDBC * IOTDB-123 Add documents in Chinese * IOTDB-130 Dynamic parameters adapter * IOTDB-134 Add default parameter for client starting script * Add read-only mode of IoTDB * New storage engine with asynchronously flush and close data file * Adding english documents * Supporting travis + window + jdk8 * Add skipping all UTs: maven integration-test -DskipUTS=true * Enable users define the location of their thrift compiler * Add example module * Add a log appender: put info, warn, error log into one file and disable log_info by default * Recover when resource file does not exist while tsfile is complete ## Incompatible changes If you use the previous unofficial version 0.7.0. It is incompatible with 0.8.0. ## Miscellaneous changes * IOTDB-21 Add ChunkGroup offset information in ChunkGroupMetaData * IOTDB-25 Add some introduction for JMX MBean Monitor in user guide * IOTDB-29 Multiple Exceptions when reading empty measurements from TsFileSequenceReader * IOTDB-39 Add auto repair functionality for RestorableTsFileIOWriter * IOTDB-45 Update the license in IoTDB * IOTDB-56 Faster getSortedTimeValuePairList() of Memtable * IOTDB-62 Change log level from error to debug in SQL parser * IoTDB-63 Use TsFileInput instead of FileChannel as the input parameter of some functions * IOTDB-76 Reformat MManager.getMetadataInString() in JSON format * IOTDB-78 Make unsequence file format more similar with TsFile * IOTDB-95 Keep stack trace when logging or throwing an exception * IOTDB-117 Add sync documents * Modify ASF header for each file and add related maven plugin * Add IoTDB env script test * Add sync function for jdbc server to close * Add cache directories for download jars and sonar plugin of maven in travis * Add partition start and end offset constraints when loading ChunkGroupMetaData * Check when creating Storage group * Try to release memory asap in ReadOnlyMemChunk * Add more physical plan serializer * Move all generated tsfiles for test into the target folder * Make TsFileWriter as AutoClosable * Print apache-rat violation result on console * Update multi dir avoid disk is full * Simplify Path construction * Separate documents into different chapter folders * Suppress mvn log in travis * Add mvn -B in travis ## Known Issues * IOTDB-20 Need to support UPDATE * IOTDB-124 Lost timeseries info after restart IoTDB * IOTDB-125 [potential] a concurrency conflict may occur when a delete command and insertion command appears concurrently * IOTDB-126 IoTDB will not be closed immediately after run 'stop-server.sh' script * IOTDB-127 Chinese version documents problems ## Bug Fixes * IOTDB-2 Maven Test failed before run mvn package -Dmaven.test.skip=true * IOTDB-7 OpenFileNumUtilTest failed * IOTDB-15 Fail to install IoTDB on Ubuntu 14.04 * IOTDB-16 Invalid link on https://iotdb.apache.org/#/Documents/Quick Start * IOTDB-17 Need to update chapter Start of https://iotdb.apache.org/#/Documents/Quick Start * IOTDB-18 IoTDB startup script does not work on openjdk11 * IOTDB-19 Fail to start start-server.sh script on Ubuntu 14.04/Ubuntu 16.04 * IOTDB-22 BUG in TsFileSequenceReader when reading tsfile * IOTDB-24 DELETION error after restart a server * IOTDB-26 Return error when quit client * IOTDB-27 Delete error message * IOTDB-30 Flush timeseries cause select to returns "Msg:null" * IOTDB-31 Cannot set float number precision * IOTDB-34 Invalid message for show storage group * IOTDB-44 Error message in server log when select timeseries * IOTDB-49 Authorizer module outputs too many debug log info * IOTDB-50 DataSetWithoutTimeGenerator's initHeap behaves wrongly * IOTDB-52 Cli doesn't support aggregate * IOTDB-54 Predicates doesn't take effect * IOTDB-67 ValueDecoder reading new page bug * IOTDB-70 Disconnect from server when logging in fails * IOTDB-71 Improve readPositionInfo * IOTDB-74 THe damaged log will be skipped if it is the only log * IOTDB-79 Long term test failed because of the version control of deletion function * IOTDB-81 Fix Windows OS environment for Travis-CI * IOTDB-82 File not closed in PageHeaderTest and cause UT on Windows fails * IOTDB-84 Out-of-memory bug * IOTDB-94 IoTDB failed to start client since the required jars are not in the right folder * IOTDB-96 The JDBC interface throws an exception when executing the SQL statement "list user" * IOTDB-99 List privileges User on cannot be used properly * IOTDB-100 Return error message while executing sum aggregation query * IOTDB-103 Does not give a hint when encountering unsupported data types * IOTDB-104 MManager is incorrectly recovered when system reboots * IOTDB-108 Mistakes in documents * IOTDB-110 Cli inserts data normally even if there is no space left on the disk * IOTDB-118 When the disk space is full, the storage group is created successfully * IOTDB-121 A bug of query on value columns * IOTDB-128 Probably a bug in iotdb official website * IOTDB-129 A bug in restoring incomplete tsfile when system restart * IOTDB-131 IoTDB-Grafana-Connector module error when getting the timeseries list from Grafana * IOTDB-133 Some content is mistaken for links * System memory check failure in iotdb-env.sh * Time zone bug in different region * DateTimeUtilsTest UT bug * Problem discovered by Sonar * Openjdk11 + linux11 does not work on travis * Start JDBC service too slowly * JDBC cannot be closed * Close bug in sync thread * Bug in MManager to get all file names of a path * Version files of different storage groups are placed into the same place * Import/export csv script bug * Log level and stack print in test * Bug in TsFile-Spark-Connector * A doc bug of QuickStart.md